Masquerade Registration

Saturday, November 12, 2016
Main Events (Ballroom E)
Seating starts at 7:00pm
7:30pm - 10:00pm

Group Contact
The real name of a group contact that I can call or email in the case of an emergency, complication with group registration, and/or if you need to have a prize mailed to your group (such as a cash prize).
A working phone number (preferably cell number that you will have with you at the convention) of the group contact. I will only call if it's: 1. an emergency, 2. there's a problem with your group's registration, 3. I need to coordinate with you about sending a cash prize via the mail.
A working e-mail for your group contact. I will send all correspondence as we get nearer to the convention to this e-mail address.
Special Requirements
Please check all that apply.
Please explain your special requirements.
Performance Information
Please give a short description of your skit. Example: Series/Game/Group, Characters, basic summary of what you are doing (skit, dancing, comedy, singing, etc.). Please let us know here if you are going to do anything UNEXPECTED that might be of concern to the Masquerade Head.
We allow *either* music *or* a video (with music) for your skit. Must be no longer than 3 minutes, or it will be trimmed, and all pauses and/or "fades" must be incorporated into the file you give us. We are going to press play and let it play all the way to the end. Please upload the file here (but have original recordings available with you at the convention just in case!). Video submit in one of the following resolutions: 640×480, 848×480, 960×720, 1280×720, 720×480, 720×480.
Files must be less than 64 MB.
Allowed file types: avi mov mp3 wav gz tar zip.
If you would like an emcee introduction (other than your Group Name and Group Number) please enter it here.
Please enter your specific lighting requests (fade in, fade out, start black, color wash, spotlight, etc.) We can't promise to honor every request, but we will do our best.
Do you need mics? We will do our best to provide the requested number. Note: they may not be wireless mics if you need more than one mic.
Please list request such as special entrances/exits, positioning of props, etc.
Maximum of 8 members in a group. If you need to add more, please ask.
This name can be your nickname, real name, whatever you prefer. It's the name you want announced if you win a prize.
This is a *required* field only for emergency reasons (for example: a member of your group gets injured). We will not announce this name or share it with anyone outside of PMX senior staff.
Example: Naruto, Kaneki, Luffy, Karma, Touka, Sakura, etc.
The name of the series/movie/subject that your character is from. So Kaneki would be from "Tokyo Ghoul" and Yuri would be from "Girl's Generation". If you are doing a more generalized or original character, put the subject matter such as 'JPOP', 'KPOP', 'GothLoli', 'Steam Punk', or 'Original Character' etc. If it's totally original, I may ask you for more details.
This is to help us know if you qualify for one of our junior prizes or if you will require some sort of parent pass.