Saturday, November 12, 2016
Main Events (Ballroom E)
Seating starts at 7:00pm
7:30pm - 10:00pm

Everyone is encouraged to attend this well-loved event! This will truly be a cosplay extravaganza, with great skits, special performances, and amazing costumes.


Masquerade Competition Guidelines

(For contestants only!)

Whether you're competing for the first time or have a long history with competition, it's always possible we are doing something different than you might expect. It is your responsibility to read the rules and make sure you understand them.


I. Timeline

  • Online Registration opens today.
  • Online Registration Closes on November 1, 2016 around 10:00pm PST.
  • You can always try registering at the convention, even if online Masquerade Registration is closed.
Friday, November 11, 2016
Time Place Description
10am – 6pm CostFest Office & Lounge
Conference Center
(Room 208)
Masquerade Check-in, Music Submission
1pm - 5pm CostFest Office & Lounge
Conference Center
(Room 208)
Craftsmanship Judging
Saturday, November 12, 2016
Time Place Description
10am – 4pm CostFest Office & Lounge
Conference Center
(Room 208)
Masquerade Check-in, Music Submission
10am – 4pm CostFest Office & Lounge
Conference Center
(Room 208)
Craftsmanship Judging
4pm - 6pm CosFest Office & Lounge
Conference Center
(Room 208)
Open for visitors, but Masquerade Check-in and Music Submission is closed.
12pm – 2pm Main Events
Ballroom E
OPTIONAL Masquerade Rehearsal
6:30pm - 7pm Main Events
Ballroom E
Mandatory Masquerade Meeting for Participants:

You must be in costume and with your entire group.

7pm Main Events
Ballroom E
Audience Seating
7:30pm - 10pm Main Events
Ballroom E

II. Eligibility

  1. All contestants must be paid attendees of Pacific Media Expo 2016 at the time of the con.
  2. A single entry may have a maximum of 8 costumed members. We allow special helpers to accompany an entry, such as stage ninjas, costume assistant, medical assistant, etc. If your entry requires one or more helpers, please inform the CosFest Manager for approval. If more than the approved number of contestants appears on stage, your group will be disqualified.
  3. We welcome all costumes which are relevant to spirit of PMX. If you aren't sure whether your costume qualifies, you are more than welcome to  e-mail the CosFest Manager and ask.
    • Suggested categories include Pacific-Asian film, animation, comics, video games, music stars, history, culture, mythology, historical recreation and sources that are non-Asian in origin but influenced by Pacific-Asian art or culture (e.g. Avatar: The Last Airbender, Kill Bill, Mortal Kombat).
  4. Any costume entered in a previous Pacific Media Expo CosFest is ineligible for re-entry.
  5. Each contestant may only participate in a single entry. Each costume may only appear in one entry. A contestant may wear one costume, or a group of people may wear one costume simultaneously (in other words, a large construct that requires several people inside to move it).

III. General Guidelines

  1. Children aged 14 and under must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
  2. Do not wear or use any messy substances that might ruin the costume of another contestant. If you are wearing body paint, glitter, or make-up, please make sure it will not come off in casual contact with others.
  3. Do not leave anything on the stage that cannot be picked up by the crew in a few seconds.
  4. Costumes must be self-contained. Connections to electrical sockets will not be available.
  5. PMX and CosFest staff will not allow anything near the stage that we feel may pose a danger to people or the stage area.
  6. Display weapons are allowed if appropriate to the costume. However, live steel (metal) will not be allowed under any circumstances. If you have any questions concerning whether a prop/weapon is allowed, please ask the CosFest Manager. Please bring your weapon(s) when you check in because it may need to go through a security check. Any weapons not checked in will not be allowed on stage.
  7. Pacific Media Expo's damage policy is: if you break a piece of equipment, deface the facilities, or cause any other damages, then you pay to replace what you damaged. How does one prevent damages? Please exercise care when you are on or near the stage. Be aware of floor microphones, cables, speakers, curtains, screens, etc. No "horse-play" will be tolerated, and take care that large props/costumes will not cause any problems. Be mindful of other people and do not leave a mess.
  8. Please be respectful and civil both to your fellow contestants and to CosFest event staff.
  9. While we certainly would not exercise it lightly, we have the right to cancel your performance at any time.

IV. All About Audio & Video

  1. We require pre-recorded audio OR video for all entries, such as background music or skit dialogue
  2. Skit Entries have a maximum time limit of  3 minutes, and Display Entries are allowed a short audio clip of your choice, or we will provide one for you.
  3. We will provide microphones this year for vocal performances only (i.e., singing). If you and/or your group plans to sing, we will allow you to use the mics and you must have a karaoke audio track for us to play as well. We will have 4 wireless hand-held mics available. If you are planning on doing a skit or any other type of performance, we require pre-recorded skit dialogue.
  4. You may submit your audio or video to us at CosFest Office & Lounge on Saturday, September 5, or Sunday, September 6, at the convention. Audio must be submitted by 3pm on Sunday, September 6, or you will not be allowed to participate.
  5. The tech crew will play all audio tracks as-is. They will not pause or resume your dialogue for you.
  6. You must do all audio recording, editing, and splicing yourself.
  7. Bring audio back-ups to the convention. There is always the chance that something unexpected and beyond our control may happen. Be prepared just in case something goes wrong.

V. Presentation Rules

  1. The show will be limited to 30 entries. There will be two types of entries: Skits and Display Entries (walk-ons).
  2. Pre-recorded audio is required for all entries. (Please see the Audio section for more information.)
  3. Entries may present in CosFest as a Skit or Display Entry.
    • Skits are performance entries such as a comedy sketch, dramatic scene, action sequence, song/dance routine, etc. Skits will be allocated 3 minutes for a presentation (usually a skit, dance number, song, or comedy routine).
    • Display Entries are simply to model a costume without any performance aspects. Display Entries will be grouped together in a fashion show at the start of CosFest. We will have you walk out on the stage, pose while we describe your costume, and then you will walk off the stage.
  4. Emcee narration is optional. If you choose not to have one, the emcee will only read your entry name and number before your performance.
  5. Please do not interact with the emcee. We also prohibit the emcee from talking during your performance.
  6. Be tasteful in creating your presentation. Nothing is allowed that would be banned in a "PG"-rated film. Actions, dress, or mannerisms that would not be allowed on a public street or thoroughfare must be avoided. No explicit sexual gestures, nudity, or explicit swearing. Violating these rules will disqualify you and possibly result in an escort off the premises.
  7. Your entry must be somehow relevant to your costumes and/or directly related to Asian popular culture. We do allow the use of non-Asian music in your skit. You may use the latest popular American movies, commercials, TV shows, etc. as an influence, but we strongly request that you keep your presentation's content appropriate to your character. If you aren't sure whether your skit plans are appropriate, please ask.
  8. Fire, flash powder, lasers, and explosives of any kind are prohibited. Electronic flashes may be permitted if you notify the CosFest Manager in advance and announce it in your emcee introduction to protect those who might be affected.
  9. All presentations must be strictly confined to the stage area and cannot incorporate the aisles or other audience areas. Do not jump off the stage; doing so will result in instant disqualification. Use only the designated stage entrances and exits.
  10. Feel free to surprise the audience, but not the CosFest Manager. If you are planning something "unique", please discuss it with her in advance.

VI. Craftsmanship Judging

  1. Being judged for craftsmanship is optional, but you must meet with the craftsmanship judges if you wish to be eligible for craftsmanship and/or Best in Show awards.
  2. You must confirm your entry by checking in with CosFest Office & Lounge and you must appear on stage in the show. If your entry drops out of CosFest after seeing the craftsmanship judges, you will be disqualified.
  3. All craftsmanship judging occurs prior to CosFest itself on Friday, November 11, or Saturday, November 12, at the convention. You must make an appointment to be judged, and appointment times are given on a first-come, first-served basis, you can pick your top three times when you register.
  4. All craftsmanship competitors must fill out a Craftsmanship Form prior to their appointment with the judges.
  5. We strongly recommend that you bring at least one color reference picture of each costume in your entry. (Black and white is acceptable if color images are unavailable.) For recreation costumes, your images should show the character from head-to-toe if possible, and you may include other aspects you feel are important. For original costumes, you may share design sketches or images that show influences behind your creation. You may also provide progress photos or other documentation.